Language Learning vs Language Acquisition

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Language Learning

What is language
learning and

Language : is the human capacity for acquiring
and using complex systems of communication
Acquisition: the act of acquiring or gaining
possession, something acquired, a person or
thing of special merit added to a group
Learning: Something we acquire or get through

So, anu gid
na sila bla?

Language acquisition
is the process by which humans
acquire the capacity to perceive and
comprehend language, as well as to produce
and use words and sentences to communicate.
Language acquisition usually refers to firstlanguage acquisition, which studies infants' acquisition of their native language. Mother

Children acquire language through
a subconscious process during
which they are unaware of
grammatical rules. This is similar to
the way they acquire their first
language. They get a feel for what is
and what isn’t correct. In order to
acquire language, the learner needs
a source of natural communication.
The emphasis is on the text of the
communication and not on the form.

Language Learning
Language learning, on the other hand, is
not communicative. It is the result of direct
instruction in the rules of language. And it
certainly is not an age-appropriate activity
for your young learners. In language
learning, students have conscious
knowledge of the new language and can
talk about that knowledge.

They can fill in the blanks on a grammar
page, however, that knowing grammar
rules does not necessarily result in good
speaking or writing. A student who has
memorized the rules of the language may
be able to succeed on a standardized test
of English language but may not be able to
speak or write correctly

Language where we LEARN:

Filipinos learn to speak Spanish in
Americans learn to speak Latin or
Greek in their Subjects.

L2 : second language

According to linguists there is
an important distinction
between language acquisition
and language learning.
there is an important distinction between language acquisition and language learning.

Language acquisition
children acquire their mother tongue through
interaction with their parents and the
environment that surrounds them. Their need
to communicate paves the way for language
acquisition to take place. As experts suggest,
there is an innate capacity in every human
being to acquire language.

By the time a child is five years old, s/he can
express ideas clearly and almost perfectly from the
point of view of language and grammar. Although
parents never sit with children to explain to them
the workings of the language, their utterances
show a superb command of intricate rules and
patterns that would drive an adult crazy if s/he
tried to memorize them and use them accurately.
This suggests that it is through exposure to the
language and meaningful communication that a
first language is acquired, without the need of
systematic studies of any kind.


It is not only the L1 we can acquire naturally
but we also have 2 language acquisition.
This is stated by Stephen Krashen' in Principle
and Practice in Second language Acquisition

Language Learning
Learning a language supposedly starts from
childhood. Children easily learn a new language
because their mind can easily adapt. They can
easily communicate with other people using the
new language they have learned. Compare to
adults, communication is set aside, neglected or
even disregarded. In almost all cases, courses
revolve around grammar, patterns, repetitions,
drillings and rote memorization without even a
human interlocutor to interact with.

Best example:

Korean Students who Study
"the ultimate language course on CD"

That is not communication.
That is the way you train a

The animal will definitely...
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