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Language Learning

By soumyapanikar Jun 25, 2013 286 Words
Learning experiences must be carefully orchestrated by a teacher who builds relationships with students, works with them to create an environment in which they can flourish, and plans lessons that are standards-based and embed high-yield strategies. Environment and Planning address the characteristics and behaviors exhibited by a well-prepared teacher.

The use of high-yield teaching and assessment strategies supported by carefully-chosen resources helps ensure the advancement of student learning. The Learning Experiene, Performance & Feedback, and Learning Tools show how an effective teacher can move students toward the attainment of lesson and unit objectives and ultimately lead students to become the architects of their own learning.

Characteristics of effective language teachers
When discussing the concept of effective language teachers,
we cannot ignore the concepts of procedural knowledge and
declarative knowledge. According to Nunan (1999), to be effective, language teachers need these two kinds of knowledge
equally. He further states that declarative knowledge includes all of the things teachers know and can articulate. It’s knowledge about something, for example, about grammar rules. On
the other hand, procedural knowledge includes the ability to do things or knowing how to do things, such as being able to carry on conversations in English, knowing how to plan lessons and knowing how to conduct pair work. According to Brown and

Rodgers (2002), to be a good teacher in an EFL class requires a combination of a mechanical component and a mental component. The mechanical component of a lesson includes the skills
required for the content of the lesson to be presented in the most accessible ways for students, while the mental component encompasses the teacher’s belief system about teaching and learning as well as the teacher’s personality.

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