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The New Principled Eclecticism Method
Fitting the method to the learner, not vice versa Today the professional language teacher has a good grounding in the various techniques and new approaches, and they know and understand the history and evolution of teaching methodologies. The modern teacher will in fact use a variety of methodologies and approaches, choosing techniques from each method that they consider effective and applying them according to the learning context and objectives. They prepare their lessons to facilitate the understanding of the new language being taught and do not rely on one specific 'best method'. Some Examples The teacher proposes a variety of exercises, both written and oral, to improve the learner's accuracy, fluency and communicative ability. The teacher corrects errors immediately if the scope of the classroom activity is accuracy, but if the scope of the activity is fluency these errors will be corrected later on. The teacher develops all four linguistic capabilities (reading, writing, listening and speaking). To improve pronunciation the teacher uses drills, where students repeat automatically the phrases spoken by the teacher. The teacher helps the student personalize the use of grammatical and lexical elements used in class. The teacher understands that a didactic program has to include not only grammar and lexis, but also linguistic functions, colloquialisms, idioms, etc. The teacher introduces exercises of guided discovery for new grammar rules. At times the teacher may translate - but only if they know both languages very well and believe it is the most efficient way to provide the meaning of a new concept in that moment, especially for abstract ideas. The teacher is committed to developing a wide range of resources in order to give relevant, stimulating, and productive lessons. It is impossible to do everything if only one method is used. As a result, professional EFL teachers follow what is described as the Principled...
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