Language analysis

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Language analysis

In the opinion article "One too many" that was published in the herald sun band written by Fiona McCormack, the authors main contention was that the government should support improving the system response to family violence. Serious and concerned tone was used with persuasive techniques such as evidence, rhetorical question and inclusive language to persuade the reader to agree with the authors viewpoint.

A serious and concerned tone is used by the author to give the feeling of worry and to state that this is an important topic. "The murder of Luke Batty last week is one of far too many in our community". This is meant to scare the audience and convince the audience that the government is obviously not doing there job correctly with protecting our victims, and they should be concerned for their families safety.

Strong evidence is utilised to position the audience the facts and a personal experience to allow the audience to feel like they have experienced it too, which gives more credibility to the authors viewpoint. "it's important we stick to the evidence... evidence base used by both federal and Victorian governments is clear ", this states the author wants everyone to know the impact family violence has on families, then no getting the full support they need by our governments, something no one wants to go through. Once again this provokes the audience to her viewpoint.

"Victoria and family violence was a factor of 80 percent of child deaths known to child protection" this gives a shocking impact to the audience, as you cannot argue with facts and evidence. This also convinces the reader that the government needs to act more on supporting our families that experience family violence.

A few rhetorical questions are used to give the audience a second thought on why you would agree with the viewpoint, "so what can be done?" This positions the reader to agree by assuming their answer will be the same as the writers. It...
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