Language and society

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What is Society?
(Also high Society)
The aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community Or a particular community of people who are fashionable, wealthy, and influential , regarded as Forming a distinct group. (Dictionary)

Human society is a group of people involved in presistent inter personal relationship or a large Grouping sharing same geographical or social territory typically subject to the same political authority a dominant cultural expectation. (wikipedia) History or background: english was originally foreign language in british isles . english language descends from language of two german tribes angles and saxons that were invaders,they spoke same language in different dialects called old english /anglo-saxon (450to1150 A.D).(nouns) It's not still language of england because of other two invasions 1. from denmark by northmen or vikings.

2.from normandy(france)by the normans(1066A.D)
normans the french seakers turned old english into compound language tht we know as MIDDLE ENGLISH (simplified grammer,pronounciation and vocalary extened of latin origin) (colloquial english; local/ regional dialect indeed used in many regions of england having diversities.) (standard english; late london dialect used in literature, commece journalism, and public places at the end of middle english ) credit of popularity at the biginning goes to chuacer and gower (old english writters ) after 15th century MIDDLE ENGLISH classified into modern english.

middle english mergesd with early modern english of shakspeare age. before invasions there were four dialects of celtic
welsh in wales , gaelic in scotland , erse in ireland and
cornish in south-wes coners of england extinct before 200 years beore
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