Labour Law

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BWB 4013

The following are the areas on which you may chose to write the term paper. They are however general in nature so that you may choose and define the scope in which you want to write your paper. You are free to approach the subject from whatever angle you deem suitable as long as it does not digress from the original topic. Alternatively, you may also suggest a new topic on which you would like to write about as long as it is related to our course.

The term paper is to be done in a group of 3 to 4 persons. Your group is required to submit a proposal / abstract of the paper to the lecturer to be evaluated on their suitability before you embark on a full-length paper. The abstract should be around 150 words explaining what would be covered in the actual paper. The abstract should be handed in no later than FRIDAY, 13 JULY 2012 through hardcopy.

The actual paper should be around 20 to 25 pages (approximately 6,000 words), type-written. Please limit any graphs, tables, pictures or graphics that you want to include in your paper to no more than 5 pages. All papers should have a table of content page and reference page (APA style). On no account should you copy / cut-paste from the Internet or other materials. Please bear in mind that these materials are supposed to be referred, and not copied wholesale. Remember that plagiarism is a serious offence. Papers handed in without reference page and/or is the result of direct cut and paste from any articles, journals or websites will not be graded.

The due date for the term paper will be on FRIDAY, 3 AUGUST 2012. There will be a presentation of your assignment in the final week of the semester. Details about the presentation will be announced later.

Suggested area of research:

Decent Work Agenda – The Malaysian Context

Comparative Labour Laws – Selected Topics

After going through the provisions of the Employment Act...
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