Lab 3

Topics: Statistics, Exercise, Estimation Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Lab 3

Caloric Expenditure

Anishka Bagla
EXSC 205 Lab
12:00 - 13:50 Thursday
Instructor: Tamara Espinet

The purpose of this lab is to gain knowledge and understanding of the scientific principle of RER, using indirect calorimetry to measure caloric expenditure, including the caloric equivalent and to understand the concepts behind estimating oxygen consumption and caloric expenditure from heart rate, including the limitations. In addition the purpose was to learn skills of how to measure and graph the linear relationship between heart rate and VO2 and then determine the regression equation line and to estimate the caloric expenditure from VO2, heart rate, and caloric equivalent values. Results

Data sheet and graph attached.
To predict caloric expenditure you can plug in a measured heart rate and calculate the predicted VO2 (L/min). Then using the predicted VO2 and an estimated thermal equivalent (4.825 kcal/LO2), you can estimate the caloric expenditure. Nonetheless, each individual’s heart rate varies. These can be attributed to gender differences, physical activity and physical training. So, if the person is of the same gender and is as healthy as you are and does the same amount of exercise then it could be possible to use their regression line to estimate your own caloric expenditure however the limitations would be possibly the difference in size of the lungs for the estimation of VO2 max. Weight would be important, as it is required to calculate the predicted caloric expenditure. However if your weight can be misleading because one can simply weigh more because they are taller, not because they are bigger. Height does not play such an important role. When you are taller, your body does need to pump more blood throughout the body. This means that they will pump more blood per beat but not that they would have a higher heart rate. It is important to remember that a linear relationship exists between...
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