Lab 1

Topics: Anatomical terms of location, Anatomy, Human anatomy Pages: 4 (576 words) Published: January 21, 2013
BSC 2085C Anatomy and Physiology I
Lab 1: Anatomical Orientation

There are three (3) activities in this lab. Please be sure to complete them all. For all questions, type your answers into the yellow box ____ (including your name above) it will expand as you write.

Activity 1: Anatomical Orientation

Go to the website: University of Michigan: Medical Gross Anatomy[->0] Choose the link to the Learning Module entitled Anatomical Orientation. Read the 9 pages and answer the question associated with each page. Choose only one answer for each question. Please enter A, B, C, D, or E as your answer below.

1. _B _
2. _A_
3. _B_
4. _C_
5. _A_

6. _A_
7. _C_
8. _B_
9. _D_

Activity 2: Surface Anatomy

2-1: Match the letters to the appropriate body surface landmarks.

A. Anterior Body Landmarks

There may be more than one answer but choose only one answer for each section. Please enter 1-26 in space provided.

_8__ Abdominal: anterior trunk inferior to ribs|_10_ Inguinal: groin| _12_ Acromial: rounded area of shoulder|_26_ Hallux: big toe| _15_ Antebrachial: forearm|_7__ Mammary: breast|
_14_ Antecubital: anterior elbow surface|_17_ Manus: hand| _6__ Axillary: armpit|_25_ Metatarsal: foot|
_13_ Brachial: arm|__2_ Nasal: nose|
_16_ Carpal: wrist|__3_ Oral: mouth|
_4__ Cervical: neck region|_1__ Orbital: bony eye socket|
_19_ Coxal: hip|_21_ Patellar: anterior knee|
_22_ Crural: leg|_9__ Pelvic: pelvis region|
_18_ Digital: fingers or toes|_11_ Pubic: genital region|
_20_ Femoral: thigh|_5__ Sternal: breastbone region|
_23_ Fibular: side of the leg|_24_ Tarsal: ankle|

B. Posterior Body Landmarks

Choose only one answer for each section. Please enter 1-12 in the spaces provided.

_12_ Calcaneal: heel|__4_ Plantar: inside of foot|
__6_ Cervical: neck|__2_ Popliteal: back of knee|
_11_ Gluteal: buttocks|_10_ Sacral: between hips|
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