Topics: Recruitment, Application for employment, Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Pages: 2 (945 words) Published: October 31, 2014
Job Reference FORMTEXT SCH00628 Job Title FORMTEXT teaching assistant primary Langdon School Job Application form Before you commence working you MUST provide evidence to demonstrate your right to be in or work in the United Kingdom. If you are appointed to a post in the Authority you will receive further guidance. Have you the right to work in the United Kingdom. FORMDROPDOWN Is this subject to a work permit / visa / worker registration scheme FORMDROPDOWN If yes please provide evidence. The decision to invite you to attend for assessment and/or interview will be based on the information you provide on this form. Please refer to the Recruitment Pack for more information and guidance on completing your application. Please type or write clearly using black ink as this form may be photocopied. Are you applying for this position on a Job Share basis FORMDROPDOWN SECTION 1 - PERSONAL/CONTACT DETAILS National Insurance Number FORMTEXT PW954472A Please indicate how you would prefer to be contacted (we will try to use your preferred method wherever possible) E-mail FORMCHECKBOX Postal Address FORMCHECKBOX Home Telephone FORMCHECKBOX Mobile FORMCHECKBOX Please tell us below any dates when you will not be available for interview. motherIndia tuition centre kallara, trivandrum(district) kerala south India You may be asked to provide evidence of any qualifications stated. Schools/College/UniversityQualification and grade achievedOr date expected to complete FORMTEXT newham college of further education FORMTEXT ESOL credit pass FORMTEXT 1997 to 1998 FORMTEXT university of kerala s. India FORMTEXT BA-degree pass PRE-degree-equivalent to A-level pass FORMTEXT 1991 to 1996 FORMTEXT board of public examinations s.India FORMTEXT SSLC- equivalent to GCSE pass FORMTEXT 1986 to 1991 SECTION 5 - Supporting Statement This is the most important section of your application. You should tell us how you meet the...
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