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Topics: Supply chain management, Chinese-language surnames, Supply chain Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: June 29, 2009
Mis / Enterprise System
Li & Fung Export Trading Company was founded in 1906 by Fung Pak-Liu and Li Toming in Guangzhou, China. Li & Fung Ekspor Dagang Perusahaan didirikan pada tahun 1906 oleh Pak-Fung Liu dan Li Toming di Guangzhou, Cina. Between 1920 and 1930 the company was diversified into manufacturing and warehousing. Antara 1920 dan 1930 adalah perusahaan manufaktur menjadi diversifikasi dan pergudangan. After the passing of Fung Pak-Liu in 1943, his son Fung Hon-Chu assumed charge of the company. Setelah lulus dari Pak-Fung Liu di 1943, anaknya Fung Hon-Chu diasumsikan biaya dari perusahaan. In 1974 the company was owned and operated by Fung Pak-Liu, William and Victor. Pada tahun 1974 perusahaan ini dimiliki dan dioperasikan oleh Fung-Pak Liu, William dan Victor. In 1980 they expanded operations throughout the Asia pacific region. Pada tahun 1980 memperluas operasi mereka di seluruh wilayah Asia Pasifik. By 1995 they expanded their offices around the globe. 1995 oleh mereka memperluas kantor mereka di seluruh dunia. They also launched an intranet to link their corporate offices together. Mereka juga meluncurkan sebuah intranet perusahaan mereka link ke kantor bersama. In 1997 they launched a secure extranet to connect to their customers and suppliers. Pada tahun 1997 mereka meluncurkan extranet aman untuk menyambung ke pelanggan dan pemasok. By 2000 they were a $2 billion global export trading company with 3600 employees world-wide, and with sales of 69% in the United States and 27% in Europe. 2000 oleh mereka yang $ 2 miliar perdagangan ekspor global perusahaan dengan 3.600 karyawan di seluruh dunia, dengan penjualan dan 69% di Amerika Serikat dan 27% di Eropa. Their Product mix consisted of hard and soft products. Produk yang terdiri dari campuran hard dan soft produk. Li & Fung employed a Holistic Supply chain management that provided value-added services across the entire supply chain in a borderless manufacturing environment. Li & Fung yang...
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