Topics: Human rights, Animal rights, Democracy Pages: 6 (971 words) Published: January 13, 2013
1.This House would ban animal testing

* Animals have a right not to be harmed
* -------------------------------------------------
Animal research necessitates significant harm to the animals involved * -------------------------------------------------
Research can be done effectively without experimenting on any living creature * -------------------------------------------------
Some groups of people have less capacity for suffering than most animals * -------------------------------------------------
Would send a positive social message, increasing animal welfare rights more generally in society * POINTS AGAINST
* -------------------------------------------------
Animal rights are of less moral worth than human rights People would die and suffer needlessly under such a policy * -------------------------------------------------
Animal research is necessary for the development of truly novel substances * -------------------------------------------------
Poor countries would be unable to afford independent research * -------------------------------------------------
Animals involved in animal research are mostly well treated.

2.This House believes the internet brings more harm than good * 2POINTS
* The quality of information online cannot always be relied upon * The Internet is a threat to privacy
* The Internet has allowed a large amount of criminal, offensive and discriminatory information to be easily accessed. * POINTS AGAINST
* -------------------------------------------------
The Internet has increased economic and creative prosperity in a leveled way * -------------------------------------------------
The power that the Internet gives to citizens is good for democracy * -------------------------------------------------
The Internet helps to bring communities and the world closer together.


* -------------------------------------------------
* -------------------------------------------------
Gambling is addictive and psychologically harmful
* -------------------------------------------------
Gambling leads to the disintegration of families
* -------------------------------------------------
Online gambling has increased the incidence of gambling addiction * -------------------------------------------------
Casinos are often used to mask criminal activity
* -------------------------------------------------
Gambling affects poor people disproportionately
* -------------------------------------------------
Gambling is associated with other forms of addiction and harmful behavior * POINTS AGAINST
* -------------------------------------------------
Gambling is simply a leisure pursuit
* -------------------------------------------------
It is impossible to effectively ban gambling
* -------------------------------------------------
Casinos create positive economic effects in the communities that host them * -------------------------------------------------
Many activities directly comparable to gambling are already legal and regulated -------------------------------------------------
* Animals are intrinsically worthy of rights because they are sentient * Speciesism is wrong
* Animals are equal to human beings.
* Even if it matters whether or not humans and animals are similar, humans and animals are in fact similar enough that both should be granted rights. * Even if we did think that animals were less intelligent than humans beings they should be protected by rights * -------------------------------------------------

POINTS AGAINST It is impossible to effectively ban gambling
* -------------------------------------------------
Casinos create...
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