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I have been asked to conduct a report on a recent cosmetic advertising campaign; the campaign that I have chosen to base my report on is: ‘L’Oreal Men Expert’ with Pierce Brosnan as a spokesperson for the product (Link to advertisement is located in Bibliography). This advertisement campaign is mainly aimed at middle-aged men with an average income. When a man hits the age of 30 it is said that they are in their prime. Middle-aged is when you are around about 35-40 years to start with, leading up to the ages of 55-60. This campaign was released in early 2008, at that stage Pierce Brosnan was 54 years old and yet “his skin resembles of someone maybe 20 years his junior” (Newsham, 2008). Brosnan simply portraits that apart from everything in his life, there comes a time where he has to look after his skin and by using phases such as “fight for the causes I believes in”; really attracts the customers attention; making them think (Visit4U, 2008). Having Pierce is a spokesperson is a good way to target middle-aged men to buy this product, as men are reluctant to buy beauty cosmetics; therefore by setting out a role model such as the former 007; builds up their confidence. Not only this, but the product reflects on the condition that he has kept his skin. Male skin care products are known to be a growing market, as a majority of them are interested in looking good. Product prices may vary and start at around about £7 to £12, depending on what product you buy (Telegraph, 2005).

Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
Segmenting the market in which they have placed their product in, not only allows them to target those customers that have a basic need; but also to identify those customers who seek different needs and are harder to target. I personally feel that there are two different forms of segmentation used in this campaign; which are demographic and psychographic (in-depth table located in Appendix 1). Both segmentation variables give two different ideas on what the target group look likes, and how their choice of skincare products may vary according to their lifestyle. Demographic overlooks the basic type of customers L’Oreal is looking for, they are easy to define and measure because their search is narrowed down to certain specifics. This is useful when L’Oreal is advertising the product for example in magazines, as they all have different types of age and gender profiles i.e. Auto Trader, FHM, GQ. L’Oreal can use this segment as a base to identify obvious customers.

Whereas psychographic segmentation gives a wider view of those customers who are harder to get hold of, also giving an insight on how their lifestyles make an impact on the product. This helps L’Oreal to sell their products on a more emotional level to customers by defining what the benefits of Vita Lift are, and how the product will fit into their lifestyles. This structure of segmenting will also help indicate how the customers view of their individual needs and wants are likely to change in the future (Brassington & Pettitt, 2007).

Another segment variable L’Oreal could have made use of is the ‘behavioural’, this seems relevant to use because it discusses factors such as brand loyalty. Customers that have used L’Oreal products before are willing to try out other ranges of their products, than those customers who are completely new to the brand. For example, a wife may encourage her husband to use Vita Lift; as she uses L’Oreal branded make-up. This creates brand loyalty as she is encouraging her partner to use the same brand.

“Grita Loeback… has overseen the successful launch in major retailers…” Research shows that the product has been successful nation and worldwide, financial report from September 2007 shows that the product was profitable when launched in China (L'Oreal, 2007). L’Oreal’s Expert brand has said to have “taken 69% of the 72% growth” in male skincare products (Telegraph, 2005), which means that as the male...
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