Topics: Crime, Drug addiction, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (969 words) Published: November 3, 2013
Juveniles entering in the criminal justice system can bring a number of serious problems with them. The problems include substance abuse, academic failure, emotional disturbances, physical health, family problems, and a history of physical or sexual abuse. However, the rehabilitation programs in the juvenile criminal justice system is not meeting the needs of the adolescent population and the problems that come with them. Effectively addressing these problems require the programs to be successful in order to make progress. Important programs that are the priority include substance abuse, academic failures, and emotional disturbances.

First, the substance abuse program promotes Alcohol and Drug absents. Once a juvenile is committed in a facility he or she is required to take a drug test. The test allows the caseworker and counselor to identify if the juvenile needs to be in the Alcohol or Drug Abuse program. To decide which program is best for a juvenile who is drinking or using drugs, a doctor or therapist will meet with the juvenile to decide how far along their drug use is. The main priority is to figure out how much of what the adolescent is using. Then a parent meeting is set up to get a full picture of the Alcohol and Drug use. Regardless of the precautions taken, alcohol and drugs are still made and given to the juveniles on a daily basis.

Second ,the educational programs promotes continuous learning. Prior to their arrival many juveniles do not go to school before they got sent to a juvenile facility. Many juveniles have reading problems due to them not attending school and the lack of parental involvement. Reading levels are drastically low and mathematic levels are even lower. Many are surprised at the number of adolescent who can not read. Therefore its a challenge to rehabilitate a juvenile who is unable to put forth an effort or try. In the process a strain and stress are placed upon an instructor because they must come up with many...
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