Journal summary

1. Organizational Assessment : Effectiveness vs. Efficiency
This journal is being chosen related to the Organizational Theory, Design and Change for chapter 1 about the Organization Effectiveness.

i. What was the aim of the study?
An organization had its own goals and mission. There were many ways that could be implement in order to make sure that the organization will achieves whether it short or long term goal. The term effectiveness and efficiency was always being the indicator of the organization performance. This study will determine the differentiation, features, proximities or values of the effectiveness and efficiency. There were some people believe that there is no difference between effectiveness and efficiency, but according to Mouzas (2006), each of these terms have their own distinct meanings.

ii. Model that being used in this study.
As stated in the chapter 1, under “How Does an Organization Create Value?” there is value creation. Value creation takes places at three stages which are input, conversion and output. To differentiate the meaning of effectiveness and efficiency, the authors of this study has adapted a model from Frey and Widmer (2009) regarding effectiveness and efficiency. Figure 1 Chain of effects

Based on Figure 1, we can see that efficiency information provides different data compared to effectiveness. As we can see, under the effectiveness it concern about output, outcome and impact. It measures the on how the organization will achieve their goals or the way outputs interact with the economic and social environment. For the efficiency aspect we can see it concern about the input and output. According to (Low, 2000), the efficiency will measure on how successfully the inputs have been transformed into outputs.

iii. What is the result of the study?

This study was using the obstructive measure approach where the authors had collected finding from other resources. In order to come out with

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