Joshua Fletcher Paragraph Orders Spatial

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Joshua Fletcher Paragraph Orders
Walking to the end of the hallway opens his eyes to a wealth of vibrant chaos. As soon as he peeks through the threshold he immediately notices the open toy box to his left. The lid is open and most of its contents are not inside. On the wall above, hangs a decorative motorcycle wheelieing its way over a boy’s name, “Atticus.” Just below, in the corner, is a toddler bed outfitted with Buzz Lightyear sheets and his favorite blanket. Crowning the bed are the superheroes Thor, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk. Perhaps there has been some great conflict to save the earth? By appearances this seems to be true. Scanning across the room, he sees the bookshelf is awry, books tussled about its shelves and the floor surrounding it. There also appears to be a princess who shares this room. Maybe it’s Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or the Little Mermaid Ariel? For their images adorn the walls, bedding, and curtains of a little girl. Quickly, he sees hanging above her Disney Princess Castle the name, “Eris Sofia.” The nightstand next to her bed has a mock makeup/jewelry case, and the drawer is ajar and he can see bows and bracelets to match. It doesn’t take long for him to discover the cause of this beautiful discord. Amongst costumes, hot wheels, action figures, and microphones, Captain America shields, various other clothing, and the barely visible brown carpet, sits the two most beautiful blonde haired and blue eyed children you could imagine. And almost instantly a father’s discord is transformed into overwhelming joy, and the disheveled room seems rather unimportant.

Chronological I wish that my days started at six a.m. and that I got six to eight hours of sleep each night, but rarely that’s the case. Usually, I’m awakened somewhere between five and six by one of my two children. Half conscious I feel the tug of the covers and the weight of them climbing upon me. This is a

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