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CS 602Project RequirementsSpring 2014

Due: 6:00pm, May 5th in GITC 2400. (Remember, your final exam will be held on the last day of class.)

To properly submit your project for demonstration you must do all of the following:

1) Turn in a hard copy of your source code, including a cover sheet and screenshots. 2) Start (and test) your server.
3) Demonstrate your application to me.

You are to implement an online Bank which would allow you to keep track of basic information regarding several bank accounts. A typical user might have, for example, a savings account and a checking account and would be able to deposit, withdraw, transfer funds between accounts and view history of accounts. An administrator would be able to create accounts, view all accounts, freeze accounts, etc. Minimally, your system should be implemented to comply with the five following rules:

1) You MUST use the provided DataObject class, the one with the String message field, for all communication between your client applet and your server. You are NOT ALLOWED to change the DataObject class in any way.

2) I gave you the skeleton for a basic client-server system. You must convert it and add whatever is necessary to allow your online system to work on your AFS account. The client must be a standalone application with a graphical user interface. CardLayout is strongly recommended.

3) You must implement persistence. That means you must save some information on the server. Store information in either: 1) files on the server or 2) in a database.

4) Your system should have at least two levels of access: 1) account holder, and 2) administrator.

5) If you completely adhere to all of the above rules, you will have earned 80% of the total possible points for the project. The remaining 20 points will be based on the overall appearance and operation of the system. The user interface should be attractive and intuitive. The system should function and appear substantially...
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