Jack Nelson's Problem

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Chapter 1Application Case: Jack Nelson's Problem
1. What do you think was causing some of the problems in the bank home office and branches? There is clearly aproblem with communication, and the effects are felt in the area of employee commitment. Additional contributingfactors include the lack of consistency in the policies and procedures of various locations. There is no cohesiveness tothe staffing activities of this organization. 2. Do you think setting up a HR unit in the main office would help? Of course we think it would! Since there are HR-related problems both in the home office and in the branches, it is clear that if a personnel office were set up, it wouldneed to help to coordinate the HR activities in the branches. 3. What specific functions should it carry out? What HR functions would then be carried out by supervisors andother line managers? What role should the Internet play in the new HR organization? There is room for quite abit of variation in the answers to this question. Our suggested organization would include: HR Unit: job analyses,planning labor needs and recruiting, providing advising and training in the selection process, orientation of newemployees, managing wage and salary administration, managing incentives and benefits, providing and managing theperformance appraisal process, organization-wide communications, and providing training & developing services.Supervisors and Other Line Managers: interviewing and selection of job candidates, training new employees,appraising performance, departmental & personal communications, and training & development. Internet and HR: shiftsome activities to specialized online service portals and/or providers. Continuing Case: Carter Cleaning Company

1. Make a list of 5 specific HR problems you think Carter Cleaning will have to grapple with? Potential answers could include the following:1) Staffing the company with the right human capital by identifying the skills and competencies that arerequired to perform the jobs and the type of people that should be hired. Sourcing candidates andestablishing an efficient and effective recruiting and selection process will be an important first step.2) Planning and establishing operational goals and standards and developing rules and procedures tosupport business goals and strategies. Failure to do so will result in a lack of clarity around performanceexpectations down the line as each store becomes operational.3) Implementing effective Performance Management through setting performance standards, highquality appraisal of performance, and providing ongoing performance coaching and feedback to developthe abilities of each person and support positive employee relations.4) Designing an effective compensation system that will give the company the ability to attract, retainand motivate a high quality workforce, providing appropriate wages, salaries, incentives and benefits. Apoorly designed system will result in difficulty in attracting candidates, turnover and low employeemorale.5) Training and developing employees both at the management and employee level to be able toperform the job to meet the performance expectations. This should include a new hire orientationprogram as well as a program for ongoing training and development. Lack of attention to thiscomponent may result in errors, increase in operational costs, turnover, and morale problems.  

2. What would you do first if you were Jennifer
Answers will vary; however, probably the most important first step is to ensure that thestaffing process is well designed and targeting the right mix of skills and abilities neededamong candidates. A thorough job should be done in analyzing the requirements of each job, developing a complete job description for each role, and sourcing candidates thatmeet those requirements. Significant time should be invested in the hiring process toensure that the candidates hired meet the requirements and possess the skills andabilities to do...
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