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1. Questionnaire Sample P.2~P.4

2. The result of questionnaire P.5~P.14

3. The analyze of questionnaire P.15

4. The 8 elements for programming P.15~P.18

5. Communication P.18~P.19

6. Evaluation P.19~P.20

[pic]Johnson & Johnson baby’s products


Over the past hundred years, Johnson & Johnson always provide the safe and reliable baby-care products with parents, our company attaches the customer’s trust. Therefore, we are committed to upholding all the ingredients of each product using strict quality testing and assessment. In order to understand the level of trust and favorite of the common mass, we design this questionnaire, to help us get more information to improve our products to benefit the public, so hope you can answer truthfully, and we guarantee the confidentiality of your answers. 1. What is your gender?

A) Male
B) Female

2. What is your age group in the follow answer?
A) 13~18
B) 19~29
C) 30~39
D) 40~59
E) Over 60

3. What is your occupation?
A) Student
B) Housewife
C) Health care worker
D) Other_________

4. Where are you know the products of Johnson’s baby?
A) Newspaper & Magazines
B) Commercial advertisement
C) Store
D) Family or Friend’s introduction

5. What kinds of produt of Johnson’s baby do you usually purchase? A) The bath series
B) The emollients series
C The shampoo series
D) The wet tissue series
E) Other

6. How do you use our products?
A) According to instructions
B) According to your own style
C) Friend’s advise

7. What is your feeling after used our products?
A) Excellent
B) Good
C) General
D) Bad

8. Which aspect do you think our products need to improve?
A) Sales
B) Promotion
C) Quality
D) Price

9. Do you know the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics pointed out that some of our products have security problem potentially before? A) Yes
B) No

10. What is your opinion after you know this issue?
A) No ideas
B) Continue to use
C) Refuse to use for a while

11. What will you do if you have any problem after use?
A) Contact our company
B) Complain (on law)
C) Keep silent

12. Are you concerned about our new products?
A) Yes
B) No

13. Why you purchase J&J’s product?
A) Yes
B) No

14. Do you think if J&J have any action can rebuild your confidence? A) Yes
B) No

15. Do you think J&J promotion in TV AD is enough for you?
A) Yes
B) No

16. What kind of advertisement that can impact you to decide buy a product? A) a commercial advertisement that can entertain me
B) a commercial advertisement that can persuade me
C) a commercial advertisement that I think it will useful for me

17 Are "nature" personal care products important to you?
A) Yes
B) No

18. Do you make a skin test before use a new skin product?
A) Yes
B) No

19. What do you think the image of J&J’s company?
A) Positive
B) Negative

20. Do you have any common about our product?
A) No

Thank you for your participation!
Your valuable advice offer our practical reference value!

The result of questionnaires

The analyze of the questionnaires

We make several conclusion after we done the research about Johnson & Johnson’s baby products:

First, Our major respondent are students, housewife, healthcare worker. The major participants are women and placed 70 %, within range of age 19-29 years old.

Second, women who already married, had a baby and young students are more care about the price of the product and its opposite with the others that more care about the quality of our product.

Third, most of our respondents know about the issue and refuse to use the product for a while. The other hand, we also found that they will not pay much attention on our new product.

Fourth, Television advertisements become the...
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