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By joseoklo Apr 15, 2014 269 Words
I have learned that, in order to attend to San Francisco State University you must compete the SAT and at least pass three years of math and four years of English followed by two years of foreign language.

If I cannot attend to Humboldt Sate University or San Francisco State University then my third choice college is University of California: Davis. This University is a large school. It is very selected 46% of applications admitted. The majors that the University gives 19% Biology, 18% Social science, 9%, Engineering, 5% Visual arts and performing arts. This University was established in 1905. In the past twenty years it was changed into a University. This school is known for being originally a farm school for UC Berkeley. The tuition and fees for one year is $32,168, books and for books and supplies is $14,050. I have learned that you must earn a high school diploma, subject requirement, scholarship requirement, and examination requirement.

From my research I have learned what I needed to do in order to prepare for college such as getting high scores, getting an excellent GPA. My plan to get in the college I want is to study a lot. Pay more attention and save money to pay all the cost. I will need to get a job in order to pay for materials, books, and most importantly college. My goal for this it to keep my self on track and get high grades throughout all my school years. All the years I made in school are going to college. I have learned that all my hard work was all because I just wanted to make it college.

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