J. Edgar Hoover

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J. Edgar Hoover
Former Senator Joseph McCarthy put it perfectly when he said, "… for the FBI is J. Edgar Hoover and I think we can rest assured that it will always be." (qtd. in Denenberg 7). J. Edgar Hoover is credited for reconstructing the Bureau of Investigations (later renamed Federal Bureau of Investigations). Regardless of how people saw him, Hoover was powerful and committed, and did everything within his power to improve the agency that would make this country a safer place for all. John Edgar Hoover was born New Years Day in 1895. After years of education and law school he started as a third generation government worker in July 1917 as a clerk for the Justice Department (Denenberg 23,25-26). In 1919 he was promoted to acting director and later to director in 1924. He ran the FBI until his death on May 2, 1972 at the age of 77 (DeLoach 226). With all of the changes to the system that occurred because of his hard work, J. Edgar Hoover is referred to as the "father of modern-day law enforcement" (DeLoach 226). Hoover can take credit for separating the Bureau from politics, raising standards for agents, and implementing many other necessary crime programs (DeLoach 226-227). Most people were frightened of Hoover and this caused an attempt to portray him, through the media, in a manner that was far from complimentary (DeLoach 228). It is very difficult to find positive information about him; but no one can deny the hard work and accomplishments he made for the good of this country. To this day, he is the longest-serving leader of an executive branch agency, having served through the terms of eight presidents. He had good standing relationships with all the presidents regardless of their political position. Herbert Hoover (no relation) recommended J. Edgar Hoover to the attorney general for his director position with the Bureau based on his previous performances. No president came close to firing him (Hoover 34-35). For almost three...

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