Issues and Problems Hum/111

Topics: Want, Need, Drink Pages: 1 (360 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Issues and Problems
Latrice Benson-Reaburn

A issue in my life that I felt was distressing was when I started being around my brother more and we get along find but he likes to drink a lot and it causes problems between us sometimes. I see this as a problem that can turn into an issue over time if my brother doesn’t understand his mood swings by drinking all the time. Also he really needs to understand the problem and how it affects the people around him that actually do care about him. It’s a problem now because my brother is trying to work on it and get better at socializing with a clear mind. I try to express the problem to my brother in a lot of different ways. I try to identify the problem as he does it or try to help him understand why things may not go his way because of his habits. I tried to be very sensitive to the fact of why he drinks a lot, but also help him understand the endangerment he puts himself and others and his body by drinking a lot. The reason of me looking at this as a problem and not a issue is because that sometimes he listens and tries to make a change in his behavior for the best. Then there are times he slips back into his ways because he mixes a good time with drinking a lot instead of just enjoying your weekend in other ways. I feel he wants to get better just needs to try harder so it doesn’t start to effect his son. I feel, as his son gets older he not going to want to see his son picking up the same habits and go through the same things his is going through. If he doesn’t work on the problems that make him feel like he has to drink all the time and also break the habit of wanting to drink then this can turn into a serous issue with him and the family with him needing to change his ways and accepting intervention.
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