Investigatory Project. Banana Peel

Topics: Banana, Potassium, Chemical element Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: September 19, 2013

Having a good smile with white teeth, become one of the things that people wanted to achieve nowadays. Base on our research some toothpaste aren’taffordable at the same time it is not effective , now beacause of banana peel that contains some effective things to whiten and make our teeth stronger we have a idea that we can use this. Our Purpose is to make teeth stonger and whitener in affordable way for everyone. CHAPTER 1

A. Background of the Study.
We make this Project to help the other people that wanted their teeth to become whiter but they can’t afford expensive teeth whitener products. B. Statement of the problem.
What are the other alternatives that we can do on that banana peels aside from making it as fertilizer? C. Scope and Delimitation
Base on our knowledge, the magnesium and potassium that are on the table of elements, gives vitamins on our tooth. We think that if potassium and magnesium gives vitamins on our tooth, it is possible that it can whiten our tooth D. Significance of the study

The Benefits of the banana peel to whiten our teeth is to make some people save more by using it and not buying the expensive teeth whitener. We also think that it may help to reduce money problem. It may also help to some man, to have nice teeth to make the girls attract to them. CHAPTER II

Review Related Literature
If this exactly work, we can assure you that banana peel will be helpful not just in fertilizer but also in making our teeth clean. We can also add this in our daily activities. Alternative
If the banana peel doesn’t work to whiten our teeth, we can try this to make our teeth stronger. In Some Researches, some Dentist says that banana peel is surely works to make our teeth stronger.

Definition of Terms
Banana Peel:

A banana peel is the outer covering of the banana fruit .As bananas, whether eaten raw or cooked, are a popular fruit consumed worldwide, with...
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