International Marketing Communications

IMC revolutions
Whats the sense in using mass media for everyone? It is much easier, not effective. The entire industry has changed, advertising agency: The Traditional Structure. In the 80s, later on in the 90s, some mega groups of advertising groups or marcom groups have developed : WPP, biggest one. WPP- own fully dozens of companies, some of them are doing advertising and some are doing digital marcom, some are doing PR Now they can provide a one stop shop for their clients, for the client it was affective because now the entire activity has been coordinated in house, in that agency. The downside of this process of buying all the marcom services? They aren’t specialized in this type of service…maybe they aren’t as good as doing sales promotion as a business doing JUST this. Not only are u getting the best solution.

Have to decide if they want things to work smoothly, all in one place, but less effectively..or work with specialized companies but making sure they work nice together IMC evolution-
Brand Positioning- image to consumers in relation to other brands. Porche? Luxury brand? Yes Sports? Yes. How would marketing communication assist in this?
Create the same image, same positioning.
Communicate a common theme
If there is no thread or common theme, not integrated, confuse the customers. The bigger the brand, the more careful they should be.
What is IMC?
Communicates messages and positions the brand and works with various targets, may be existing customers, investors An ongoing strategic process
If I want to increase sales, the easiest thing to do is lower price, provide discount, guaranteed sales increased BUT it may hurt the brand because lower price is not necessarily coordinated or integrated into my brand…I will have in long term troubles financially…it will be very difficult to increase it back. Reasons for the Growing Importance of IMC

Moved from Mass Media Specialized Media
Technonlogy really helps us approach individuals at the right time and the right place Moving from Manufacturer dominance to retailer dominance.
Now it goes toward the middle man, retailers.
Why? Because nowadays a lot of retailers have consolidated, they have become stronger, the result is that they, as reatilers or distributers are able to make demands to the manufacturer and to influence his or her marketing communication descisions. They may influence they descisions to switch from pull to push strategy. Retail technonlogy really helps retailers to collect data about consumers, at a cashier Consumers are less and less responsive to advertising. Pop up blockers etc, a bunch of channels, consumers are by far more * powerful.


Research Designs:

Correlational research-

Attribution variables-

When the researched can decide which level of the independent variable the person gets-.

If I show you two different ads one with bar rafeili one with noam- operational

If I use gender- attributional- I cannot decide which gender u are.

The nature of the independent variable determines whether the work is experimental or correlational.

When operationalized we talk about experimental research

Corretaional research eximnes relationps between variables…

I can conclude that product satisfactions is related to increased consumption…people that like the product TEND to consumer more of that product. Correlation u can say one variable is related to another but not say which variable caused the effect on the other variable.

Experimental = product satisfaction leads to increased consumption. Experimental designs provide us with much stronger conclusions

When the IC is attribution—correational research design

When IV is an operationalized IV the research is experimental.

Need to look at independent variable then you say if the independent variable is manipulated/operationalized then you say it is experimental research.

Correlational Design-

If my purpose is to know whether x is...
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