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1. Understand the use of different assessment methods and the need for record keeping.

Identify different assessment methods Assessment is a term given to check that learning has occurred.

(Practical Teaching, Wilson p. 114) As she explains it can happen at any stage during the learner course. Through this progress toward their qualification the assessments have different objectives and are named differently. There are several assessment methods that we can mention, some are formal other more informal, we can start from informal ones like induction, Observation, Simulation, verbal questions, peer assessment, interview, self assessment, etc. Also we can find those which are formal like project, assignment, written questions, essays, professional discussion, written and oral test, Eassessment, etc.

Explain the use of assessment methods in different contexts, including reference to initial assessment.

Initial and diagnostic Assessments are carried out with the objective to identify skills, experience, needs, acquired knowledge, then we create a profile of the learners and it is very helpful to help as to plan appropriate sessions to meet their goals and needs (Practical Teaching, Wilson, pp. 118-119)Simple methods and strategies can be used to find information about our learners, if we were in an art class context , Kevin’s Noughts and crosses game, could be used as an Ice breaker to collect information about interpersonal skills necessaries for group work. I would say that this method could be part of a diagnostic assessment. On the other hand if we were in a primary class we could use the same method to diagnose learner’s creativity and their capability in solving problems.

Explain the need for record keeping in relation to assessment.

Record keeping is essential to assess effectively learners progress during a qualification, the teachers can plot achievement or detect weakness areas where they need to consolidate. Francis and Gould say: Assessment is one of the most important tasks of teacher. We must not forget to keep accurate records of this aspect of our work. There are a number of reasons for this which could be thought of as “internal” and “external”. (Achieving your PTLLS Award, Francis and Gould, p. 155) They say, in an “internal “sense, we need to monitor learners’ progress, this means that it is an internal record where we can track the progress achieved by the students or we can detect areas of weakness, specially, if this is identified in the whole group, we can see how a particular topic was taught in the first instance and will allow as to redesign our lesson plans, techniques and approach to the learners on their behalf. I. Understand ways to

Explain the role of initial assessment in the learning and teaching process.

“The role of initial assessment is to identify different kinds of information from our learners when they commence a programme individual goals with with us,” (Ann Gravels and Susan Simpson, 2008). It is the start key of the learning and teaching circle. The process of IA can be learners formal or informal, doesn’t matter which method is administered, the most important is to consider his purpose and what benefit are sough and how this is followed. This is not an isolated process like an induction from which no one benefits. Effective initial assessment is not a one off activity but the start of an ongoing informative process, the begging of a cycle of assessment, planning and reviewing (Practical Teaching, Wilson, p. 139). To be sure that learning is taking place is essential to consider what exactly the students already have in their mind at the beginning of any course, experience, aptitudes and abilities; then we can begin to plan lessons, to consider their motivations and needs and problems with enough anticipation and to have a certain guarantees that the teaching process is going to succeed, but without the "initial assessment",...
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