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Crash Course #2
Indus Valley Civilization

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1. How is the concept of “civilization” a useful construct? When is it not a useful construct?

It is useful because when you’re comparing one civilization to another civilization, but it’s not useful when you’re comparing a civilization to a non- type of civilization.

2. How does John Green define what constitutes a civilization? How does this compare to other definitions of civilization you have learned? 1 surplus production
2 specialization of labor trade
3 social stratification, centralized government, shared values-religion, writing

this is a general statement about civilizations and what all of them have in common.

3. Where did the earliest civilizations emerge? Why there?
Near rivers, flat well watered, when they flood they deposit nutrient rich silt.

4. Why was the Indus Valley a prime location? How did the environment impact the people who lived there? The rivers flooded very reliably 2 times a year. Traded very early, large civilization.

3500 B.C.E.

5. How do we know, what we know, about the IVC?

Because do not know the language

Harappa and Mohenjo were the two biggest cities. They had dense multi styled homes, with aligned bricked and perpendicular streets, which showed that they had some sort of government. The homes were oriented so the wind would be a natural form of air conditioning.

6. How did they use technology to interact with the environment to improve their quality of life? Centralized drainage system that used gravity to carry waste and water out of the city in big sewer ditches that ran under the main avenues. Many other civilizations were envious of them.

7. What evidence exists of long-distance trade and with whom? Seals. tablets Writing that cannot be deciphered. Animals and monsters. Found them in other...
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