Individual Reflection

Topics: Communication, Decision making, Risk Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: January 7, 2014
Individual Reflection

There were times when we could not decide which answer was more suitable to be used as our final group answer, so we had to make decisions in a risky and uncertain environment. This dilemma, however, has led to our group using a lot of team work and good communicating skills. I felt that my group used a lot of teamwork and communicated effectively within ourselves. As a group member, I felt that I did contribute to the team as we evaluated the answer together, voicing out opinions and communicated effectively with one another. We also thought, as a group, the possible outcomes that other groups might have so that we will not clash with them.

There was one incident when our group was deciding which answer would be the most suitable to fit into that particular category and to be used as our group’s final answer. The category was “Things that go well with chocolate” and it had to start with a ‘D’. My answer was “dates” while another group mate’s answer was “donut”. It took us quite some time to make a final decision because the group felt that both were good answers. However, I thought that my answer was a better answer to be used as the group’s final answer because my answer was really unique and I was certain that other groups will not think of such an unexpected answer. It would also allow me to get a higher individual word score too, if the group would have picked mine to be used as the final group answer. Therefore, I tried my best to convince the rest of my group mates to pick my answer, since it would not only benefit me individually, but also the group as a whole since our team word score will increase.

Consequently, after evaluating the two suggested answers, we made a decision through voting, so it was evident that my answer was in favour of most of my group mates. The outcome was that two other groups clashed with one another because both groups’ final answer was “donut” while our group’s final answer, “donut”, did not...
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