Indigenous Religions

Topics: Religion, Culture, Anthropology of religion Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: October 14, 2012
 In chapter 2, the textbook author uses various terms for “indigenous religions”:   traditional, aboriginal, indigenous, tribal, nonliterate, primal, native, oral, and basic.  Select four or five of these terms and discuss why you believe each of those terms is applicable to the religions covered in this chapter. “Native”. The word native relates well with the religions in this chapter because many of these religions are native to the place they come from. For instance the indigenous religion in Hawaii host a goddess of fire, Pele, whom is native to just that religion. “Oral”. The word oral relates to the indigenous religions in this chapter because that is how most of these religions were spread. Very little of these religions had writing systems to pass on their religions from one to another, so instead they used their words, artwork, and sacred artifacts to spread their religion. “Tribal”. The word tribal relates to indigenous religions in this chapter because many of the religions discussed were the religions of the different tribes. The indigenous religions fell in line with the life of tribes with creating sacrifices in order for a tribe to succeed in battle or with health. “Primal”. The word primal relates well because compared to the religions of today’s time these religions seem primitive. They either have barbaric executions or puzzling celebrations with odd mask which all seems primitive. Why do so many indigenous religions have such a reverence for nature? Many of the indigenous religions have a huge reference to nature because depending on how nature treated the people part of the religions directly related to whether they survived or not. So as a way of thanking nature for keeping them prosperous they showed their appreciation in sacrifices, celebrations, and thought of nature as godlike. Discuss the state of indigenous religions today.

Indigenous religions today are way less abundant if not extinct. Many of the indigenous religions were the...
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