India, China, and Japan History

Topics: Qing Dynasty, China, British Empire Pages: 4 (1090 words) Published: June 6, 2013
Early offers from the west - The west wanted to trade with china but they rejected it. They had all the stuff they needed and didn't need any outside help Self-Reliance - China thought they didn’t need any help from the outside Trading limitations - China was self-reliant, so it didn’t tend to trade with other countries. But then again the European countries wanted to trade with them. They set limits on which they would trade with. Opium/Opium war of 1839 - Opium was the cash crop in China, there was a war between the British and the China, China lost and British declared a treaty Treaty of Nanjing - China lost and British declared the Treaty of Nanjing which states that British get Hong Kong Extraterritorial Rights - Is when foreigners do not have to 'follow' the rules of that country in a place Taiping Rebellion – Peace war with the peasants

Dowager Empress - Cixi was the last emperor of China, and was overthrown by her nephew Sphere of Influence - Another foreign country control your economic powers Open Door Policy - They opened the 'doors' to other countries, Doors as in trading Boxer Rebellion - The boxer rebellion was 1900 revolt that was aiming to end foreign rule over parts of their country 1905 World Tour - Where the Chinese went to other countries to study their ways and copy some Constitution - Wrote their constitution based off of Germany Kuomintang – Nationalist party; led by Sun Yixian; a forerunner of the party, overthrew the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1644) in 1912 Sun Yixian – 1st great leader of the Kuomintang; wanted a government based on the “three principles of the people” (nationalism, people’s right, people’s livelihood); lacked authority and military support to fufill his goal; turned over presidency to Yuan Shikai (a powerful General) Treaty of Versailles – The treaty of Versailles gave some of China’s land to Japan May 4th Movement – 5000 students plus many farmers, workers, and peasants protesting against Treaty of...
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