In the Lake of the Woods: Hypothesis Chapters

Topics: Unconditional Love Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: September 3, 2014
Hypothesis Chapter 1:
This chapter briefly states about the disappearance of Kathy, and what she could have been thinking of when in her “dreamtime” phase. It also briefly outlines possible roads she could have taken, let it be with another man or simply just fed up of her own life with John. This hypothesises demonstrates how profoundly hurt she was by politics and Johns selfish ways.

Hypothesis Chapter 2:
In this chapter the truth about John in Vietnam has come out, and Kathy is wondering what is with all of these secrets? And she really is starting to revaluate their marriage to see if it could work, but as she keeps thinking she starts to realise that they together for all the wrong reasons. This chapter also indicates the severity of their marriage as in a sense John blackmails Kathy into not bringing up past events, which then seems to the reader as a way of him standing over her and having power over her. The point of the hypothesis chapter is to illustrate key reasons for Kathy’s disappearance and to see how inauthentic their marriage was.

Hypothesis Chapter 3:
This chapter describes the possibility that Kathy took a boat ride to clear her mind, and during that ride, hit a sandbar and drowned. This is a key chapter as it hypothesises Kathy taking mental notes of what she felt needed to change, indicating she was ready to reform her relationship with John.

Hypothesis Chapter 4:
Chapter 18 suggests that Kathy’s disappearance is one of human error. By miscalculating her trajectory, Kathy has lost hope of returning in the correct direction. It is in this chapter that we discover more about Kathy’s sense of self-reliance as well as her affair with Harmon, her dentist, and the deep-seated guilt she still feels.

Hypothesis Chapter 5:
Lost within the wilderness, Kathy travels on a boat away from the burning cottage. It is alluded to that she has set “the fire” alight and left to simply escape the life she has with John. Furthermore, inside...
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