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In-Depth Analysis on Doha Debates

By nargizgab Jun 13, 2013 509 Words
In-depth analysis
This House believes that the war on terror has become a war on Islam Debates revolved around the question “war on terror has become a war on Islam” and there were two groups of two speakers. One is “for” side - Anas Altikriti, founder and former president of the Muslim Association of Britain and Mustapha Ceric, grand Mufti of Bosnia. And group “against”- Feisal Abdul Rauf, author of the book What's Right with Islam with Ramzi Khoury, a former editor of the Arab Daily. I really liked structure of the debates. Comparing with previous debates “women should choose husbands by their own” every argument was clear and every point of view was understandable. Opponents spoke respectfully, politely, didn’t disturb each other so debate was available and easy to percieve. Anas Altikriti was for the motion. His speaks about three things that lead to this war: ideology, discourse and practice and said that there’s no doubt that the war on the terror turned to the war on Islam. His opposer was Feisal Abdul who came from New York. His argument is that terrorism is polygamy and can appear in different forms: we have two types of religion: one was taught by prophet Muhammad and second is the Khawarij. First bases on Quran and says that prophet Muhammad was send to be a mercy to humankind, not a terrorizer of humanity. And second created a taqfir which identified anyone who had another point of view as being unbelievers and created a political philosophy that justified murdering fellow Muslims including their innocent wives and children. Second speaker of “for” side is grand mufti of Bosnia, Mustapha Ceric. He gave 5 facts that prove his point of view: Muslims are half of the world population but have no constant positon in the Security Council of the United Nations what is necessary to be an enemy to Western countries. The second, Muslims have no veto power in the question of war or peace in the world, but still Muslims blamed to be the reason for world conflicts from Palestine to Chechnya and from Kashmir to Darfur. The third is statistics that shows 70% of refugees today are Muslims. And people believe that these refugees are accused in developing terrorism while they have no chance even go back home. The fact four is that terrorism has no face and we identify who is who. The fact five is that Karadzic is an orthodox Christian who organized genocide on 11th July 1995 but on the third anniversary of the genocide of Srebrenica, Karadzic is free. The last speaker, “against” side’s supporter is a former editor of the Arab Daily, Ramzi Khoury. His main idea that it’s an American war against terror, it's an international, multi-national, multi-faith war against terror. It is a godless war and it’s all about oil. In my point of view, I don’t believe that is war on terror, I agree with Ramzi Khoury that this war is like any others and it’s all about money and oil.

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