Topics: Emotion, Love / Pages: 2 (425 words) / Published: Mar 4th, 2014
My impressions

To tell the truth each time opening a new book I face an ingrained habit – to jump the gun, glancing over the last page. I haven’t eradicated it yet. I can’t stop judging the book by its last page, and I suppose I’ll never can.

This book as you understand wasn’t an exception. I was advised not to do that but of course I threw the caution to the wind, following my awful curiosity. The first phrase that struck my eye was -“Florence had now to face a life without her beloved Leo”. But I wasn’t impressed. I supposed it to be an ordinary, trite and touching love-story, moving typical housewives to tears. The realization of my wrongness was approaching step-by-step.

The first lines didn’t captivated me, they didn’t arouse any interest or desire to continue reading, plunging into an immense and indescribable author’s inner world. A great number of various military ranks and terms made me close the novel. I was loath to read and I delayed the book till some time. But I had to continue. I joined battle with those extremely new, unknown and tremendous military words, wining it in the end. I mean that after I had learnt a great part of them, the story and its characters appeared in a different way. The book carried me with it, plunged into the whirl of life of “a very smart soldier, a talented amateur stage performer” – Bombardier Leo Sparrow and his family.

I really like adventure novels and descriptions, that’s why this book started for me with words: “Early on 14 December the Sparrows loaded their three suitcases and hand baggage on to a Hackney carriage drawn by a black horse”. Since that moment I had been accompanying Sparrows on the whole long way, worrying about their fails, being glad for their victories, achievements and admiring their love-match.

I can’t say it’s a book only about Sparrows’ love. I found no exploits for love, no sacrificial love and other tricks. Their

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