Impact of WWI on Russia

Topics: Russian Empire, Nicholas II of Russia, February Revolution Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Impact of WW1 on Russia
Social and economic:
The war proved an economic disaster for Russia, the direct cost of war rose from 1,500 million roubles in 1914 to 14,500 million in 1918. And this was an expense of the rural or industrial workforce, thus production slumped and in any case in time of war the country needed to be producing more, not less to feed and supply its armies Military problems:

Although the Russian government managed to mobilise around 15 million men between 14-17, mainly conscript’s peasants it was un able to provide for them, they lacked basic weaponry, and also lacked basic warm clothing and properly footwear as every two rifles were provided for every three men. The army had a significant mass of the army who lacked officers since most had been killed in the early stages. FROM 1916 THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THE RUSSIAN ARMY STARTED TO DECLINE, PARTLY BECAUSE OF THE DETERORIATING ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL SITUATION WITHIN RUSSIA ITSELF, AND PARTLY BECAUSE OF THEHEAVY CASULTIES IT SUFFERED.

Political Problems
In June 1915 existing zemstva and municipal dumas joined together to form the all-Russian union of zemstva and cities, known as zemgor. But it didn’t get any say or influence. I august 1915 opposition grew from parties such as the kadets, octoberists, and progressives from the fourth duma organised themselves into the progressive bloc and demanded change effectively asking for a constitutional monarchy IN September the defeats on the austri-hungarian front led Nicholas to make the disastrous decision to take on the role of commander in chief of the Russian army and navy travel to the front line. THIS NEW POSITION DID NOTHING BUT PUT HIM RESPONSIBLE FOR THE VARYING DISASTERS WHICH BEFELL HIS TROOPS AND STATE, WHILST DISTANCING HIM EVEN MORE DEVELOPMENTS IN PETROGRAD. The rise of Rasputin- he began to meddel with the political appointments and policy decisions. Liberals and socialists began to lose patience and demanded changes in the...
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