Imc Notes Chapter 6-12

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Chapter 6)
* Direct Marketing: A marketing system for developing products, sending messages directly to consumers, and accepting orders through a variety of media, and then distributing the purchase directly to consumers. * Direct response advertising: Advertising placed in a medium that generates an immediate and measurable response from the intended market. * Direct Mail: A printed form of direct response advertising distributed by Canada Post or independent delivery agents. * Direct response Television (DRTV): Advertising that appears on television and encourages viewers to respond by telephoning a toll-free number, by mail, or online; often referred to as infomercials * Direct Response print: an ad in print media that issues a direct call to action via a toll-free number, return mail address, or website * Telemarketing: The use of Telecommunications to promote the products and services of a business; involves outbound calls (Company to consumer) and inbound calls (Customer to Company) * Catalogue: a reference publication, usually annual or seasonal, distributed by large retail chains and direct marketing companies. * Data Management:

* Internal Data sources
* Collecting Data
* Accessing Data
* Data Mining: the analysis of information to determine relationships among the data and enable more effective marketing strategies to be identified and implemented * External Source

* List Broker: A company specializing in finding or developing lists of direct response purposes: finds prospects list based on target market criteria established by marketing organizations * Merge/Purge: A process in which numerous mailing list are combined and then stripped of duplicate names * Response List: a list of direct mail buyers who have previously bought based on direct response offers * Circulation List: A publications subscription list that targets potential customers based on specified demographic characteristics, interests, or activities * Compiled List: A direct mail list prepared from government, census, telephone, warranty, or other publication information * Online databases

* Online databases: an information database accessible online to anyone with proper communication facilities * Directory Database: A commercial database that provides information about a company (size, sales, location, number of employees) * Tools of direct response Communication

* Direct Mail
* Envelope
* Letter
* Leaflet or folder
* Oder Form
* Postage-Paid Return envelop
* Statement stuffer (Bounce back): An add or offer distributed in monthly statements or with the delivery of goods purchased by some form of direct response advertising * Direct mail Strategies

* Solo direct Mail: A unique advertising offer mailed directly to a target audience by a marketing organization * Dimensional mail: Direct mail that can take any form other than the typical flat piece of mail * Cooperative Direct Mail: a mailing containing specific offers from non-competing products * Direct Response Television (DRTV)

* Infomercials: A long commercial (10 to 30 minutes) that present in detail the benefits of a product or service; usually includes a call to action (1-800) * Direct Response shopping: A shopping service provided by cable television stations that offers products or services for sale by broadcast message * Direct Response Print Media

* Tip-in: An insert is glued to a page in the publication using a removable adhesive. * Telemarketing
* Call Center: A central operation from which a company operates its inbound and outbound telemarketing programs * Inbound telemarketing: The calls received by a company from a consumer, whether to place an...
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