Identity Theft

Topics: Identity theft, Credit card, Fair Credit Reporting Act Pages: 13 (2479 words) Published: October 16, 2014

Ricardo Hernandez
Holly Hale-Hang, MAEd
March 5, 2014

One person should also carry a current amount of credit card in there wallet, everything else should put inside a safe. Always monitor the bank statement and etc. Checking the mail for missing account statements is another way to protect from identity theft and fraud. If someone going on vacation that person should ask the post office to hold all their mail until that person came back, to prevent identity theft and frauds. People should invest in a shredder to shred unwanted information. Use a secure website to access information, never enclose personal information by the phone. Check bank statement and credit card statement very careful each month to see any unwanted purchase. If that person sees any unwanted purchase notices their credit card immediately.

Thesis: One day you receive a call from your bank, stating you had just made a purchase for a random estimate of 5,000 dollars. But you did not go on a shopping spree. Your identity just has stolen. How secure is your identity? Do you ever wonder about your identity? Ways to prevent/protect yourself from identity theft and frauds. I. One thing you should be aware about is your bank account. A. Once your ATM has been compromises change your pin right away. B. Get new ATM cards if it has been compromised.

C. Contact the bank if you see any suspense in your bank account. I. Another way is keeping your social security secure in a safe. A. Do not write your Social Security card piece of paper.
B. Do not give out your personal information to strangers.
II. Monitoring your Credit Card Statements
A. Check your credit card statements regularly.
B. Contact the authorities about any suspension regard to your credit card transaction. III. Another way from protecting yourselves from identity is limiting to how many credit card to put in your wallet. A. Bring a currents amount of credit cards in your wallet or purse. B. Leave all unused credit card in a safe place; do not leave it lying around the house. C. Protect your personal information, put in a safe.

IV. Monitor your credit card online with protection plans.
A. Some credit cards have Identity theft and fraud protections plan. B. Monitoring your credit reports.
C. Check your credit report yearly.
One day a customers receive a call from there bank, stating that had someone just made a purchase for a random estimate of 5,000 dollars. But, no one in the family went on a shopping spree. Their identity just has been stolen. How secure is someone identity? Ever wonder about a person identity? Thousand and millions people get affected by identity theft and fraud all the time. Are you one of them? Ways to prevent/protect from identity theft and frauds. There are many step of preventing from identity theft and fraud. One thing a person should be aware about is there bank account. Not a lot of people regularly check there bank account. One way of preventing identity theft and fraud, is always checking your banking account on a regular basic. Shred or keep your bank statement in a private place. Check your bank statement or go online and check them on a regular basic. Another way is to change your pin or get a new ATM card if it has been compromised. When creating a new passwords or PINs, do not use the last 4 digits of your social security number. Make your passwords unique and use a combination of letters and numbers. Do not reveal your password to anyone. If you write passwords down, keep the paper in a lock box or safe (Contributor, e. (n.d.). If a person were to find anything fishing, call the bank right away. Notified the bank of any suspense transaction made to the account. The bank teller will to a hold to there account and notified the Department of Justice, where they will take illegal action for the individual person. Congress passed the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act . This legislation created a new offense...
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