Identity Paper Essay Example

Pages: 3 (1263 words) Published: December 1, 2010
Identity is an individual’s comprehension of him or herself. This course has helped me discover my sense of identity. In addition, it has changed me in subtle ways. Honestly, I am a very stubborn person. It is relatively hard to change my beliefs about something. Therefore, this course was a stepping-stone in the right direction. I have changed and developed my sense of identity in three different areas. The first area I have enhanced is my personal identity. To my knowledge, personal identity deals with questions about oneself. I hope I’m not being too vague. It is obvious that everyone has questions they ask about themselves. However, personal identity is hard to understand for most. I researched personal identity and found that it asks questions about the basic principles of life. The second area I have better understanding in is my academic identity. I made great improvement in my studies throughout the semester. Finally, I have reached a greater knowledge of what cultural identity is and how I relate to others based on my sense of self. Culture is a patchwork of customs, languages, values, and world views that define social groups.

I’m going to start off by speaking about my personal identity. Shortly after arriving to Northern Illinois University I began to build up my personal identity. For the first time I came to realize who I was as a person and why I have been placed here at this university. To be honest, I can’t point out something in particular that helped develop my personal identity. There are many different causes for the way I am. For example, there is personal identity tied into my writing assignments from the past semester. I have always been doubted in my overall abilities. My low self-esteem can be attributed to upbringing. I was always rewarded even when I didn’t accomplish my goals. Once I reached middle school things were much different. In eighth grade I started wrestling. I mentioned this in my personal narrative. People had doubts...
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