Identifying Career-Related Resources

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Identifying Career-Related Resources

There are many articles online that research nurse job salaries and submit additional information along with it. By researching the webliography on the South University page I was able to locate the salary wage for my work related field. I used the following online library website: I used the following Internet search website: I believe the is a reliable website because the The Salary Tool data comes from the Burea of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics Program. As it stated, it is a semi-annual survey that provides wage and employment statistics for the nation, each state, and sub-state regions. For this reason alone I strongly feel it has up to date information for the salary information in all states you can depend on. For the website, it provide you with thousands of job searches by simply entering the state zip code or State. Also it provide the name of the contact person, email, and phone number. I strongly believe this to be a reliable source to get up to date information on salaries. I believe the salary is consistent with my career goal I have set. I know as a starting nurse practitioner I will get $55, 759 in the city I live in now. As I get more years under my belt I can get the average pay at $77, 100 which is great. I first must do a really good job and show the company why I belong there and what accomplishments I can bring there. I want to be well worth every penny I earn and that I will show them my first year.

Information Founded
Salary Information ( at the webliography on the South University page) < > [11/6/2013] week 4 Submitter: Curriculum Development - 2

Careeronestop provided me articles relevant to my career path....
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