I'm African American, Not Ghetto yet I'm White

Topics: White American, Race and Ethnicity, African American Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: March 16, 2014
I’m African American, Not Ghetto Yet I’m “White”?
Stereotypes are a part of the reason why people are so judgmental today. In the world, speaking “like” an African American usually refer to slang/illiterate terms while speaking Caucasian would refer to intelligence. The stereotype I chose, “If you’re black but don’t act ghetto you’re considered “white”; is seldomly brought up but constantly judged throughout the business world and education systems or even in everyday tasks such as shopping. Deon Cole Black Box is a comedy show that The first media selected was an episode from “Deon Cole’s Black Box”. This video focused on an African American man working in a business consisting of mostly Caucasian people. The speaker, Deon Cole spoke to a moreover adult audience conveying that African American speaking intellectually and using words such as “awesome” are considered speaking white and is not acceptable. The purpose of this stereotype is to compare the speaking difference between African Americans and Caucasians. The speaker delivered the message with a humorous point of view. He consistently talked in a different way compared to when he talked to people of his same race. Although to his other coworkers he sounded normal, to people of his own race he sounded odd. The speaker confronted him on this saying how he talked “white”. This added to the stereotype ‘If you’re black but not ghetto, you’re automatically considered “white”’. The Second media I chose was an article called “Racism in High School I’m not Oreo or ghetto—I’m just being me”. The author Nesshell Rainford communicated her opinion on how others were considering her an Oreo. This meaning others felt she talked white on the inside but was African American on the outside. The intended audience was any teenager who may have experienced or is experiencing this. She expressed how she felt towards teasing, insults, racism and judgments she dealt with in high school....
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