I Wont Give Up

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All My Life


 | E| F#m|
 | All my life, | without a doubt i give you|

 | A| Am| C#m|
 | All my life, | now and forever til' the|  day I die|

 | G#m| F#m| B|
 | You and I will | share.| .........|

 | E| F#m|
 | All the thing| s, this changing world can offer|

 | A| Am| C#m|
 | And so I sing,|  I'd be happy just to|  stay this way|

 | G#m| F#m| B|
 | Spend each day | with you| ........|

Refrain & Chorus:|

 | A| B|
 | There was a time ,|  when I just thought that|

 | G#m| C#m|
I would | lose my mind, | you came along and then|

 | F#m| B| E| E7|
The | sun did shine,|  I started on my | way..| ........|

 | A| B|
 | I do recall | that every moment spent|

 | G#m| C#m| F#m|
was w| asted time, | but then I chose to lay it|  on the line|

 | B| A|
 | I would have passed away,|  I would have passed away.....|

 | Am|
 | I would have passed........|


sori kung simple lng nagwa q... medyo nagmamadali poh aq eh...|

G|-1-1-1- 2--2/4---------------------6---6--6---8--8/9--9---|
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