I Woke Up and Could Not Remember What Had Happened

Topics: The Cage, The Thin Man, The Other Man Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: October 24, 2012
I woke up and could not remember what had happened… …
I woke up and could not remember what had happened. All I could feel was a knock out in my head, extremely painful, as if lightning had struck me and split my head into two. I was searching for Ethan, but the moment I took a deep breath, the stench of the crimson blood in the surrounding rushed into my nose, stopped me from identifying any other smells in the atmosphere. There is no a single beam of light in the room which made me feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

Cling… Cling… I heard the sound of the turning door knob, I wanted to leave this unfamiliar area but some rusty iron bar surrounding me stopped me from moving an inch further. The door opened, a dark shadow came in, approaching to me.

“Wow, undoubtedly this is Ethan’s precious baby, look at you, how soft, how clean, how fluffy. I bet that the money you used in your hairdressing every month is far more than our salary. Ethan must be having ants in his pants now. HAHAHA.” He has a pair of mouse-liked eyes,a pointed nose and chin, dark skin and skeletal figure which make him look nuisance especially when he said the provocative lines. Another man stepped in the dark room, with a more steady pace. “Stop goading this pity little thing. Just let the thing be done as soon as possible.” He spoke with low deep voice and the other man obeyed without uttering a word. Then, they left leaving me alone in the room.

I did not know how long I was kept inside the cage as I could not see the changes of days and nights. I was trying to leave this dirty cage but I was too hungry and thirsty to struggle. Once in a while, they would feed me with some stinking leftover but I refuse to give them a lick. I would starve until I died as only the most high-ranked Kobe beef was worth to be placed inside my mouth.

One day, the mouse-liked man opened the cage and let me out. I was as happy as a lark at that moment, but what came the next was a heavy kick on my...
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