I Wish I Had Listened

Topics: Bathroom, When I Woke, Normality Pages: 4 (814 words) Published: November 23, 2014
             I Wish I Had Listened.
There have been many times that things have happened and I’ve said I wish I had listened but this…this has to be the worst.  
I never should have gone….. I knew it was wrong but I did it anyways….God I wish I had listened……  
It all started when my friends (Allison and Chloe) and I got invited to a party, now it wasn’t exactly for our age but we wanted to go anyways. Our parents said wecouldn’t go but we kept asking and as the cycle goes….the more we asked the more they said no and the more they said no the more we wanted to go.  

We came up with a plan, Allison would say she was going to Chloe’s house for the night and Chloe would say she would be in my house and I would say that I was going to Allison’s house for the night.  

Now I don’t know how we managed to last a week without anybody finding out be we did. Friday night came and we were in the public bathrooms (classy) getting ready.  We arrived at the party at ten o’clock and had fun.  

After an hour of talking to random people, I decided to go and get a bottle of water.  
After getting my bottle of water I went to leave and find the girls but I bumped into someone.  
“Hey I’m Kyle”  Now don’t get me wrong he seemed like a normal guy but there was something off ,but  of course I didn’t notice that or I wouldn’t be here right now would I?……  
We talked and played 21 questions and there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, but thinking back now I realised that’s where you learned everything, from having strict parents and no siblings to having 3 fish when I was 6. Everything we talked about didn’t seem that important, but it was to him.  

After a while I told him “I need to go to the bathroom, do you know where it is?” He told me where it was and that he’d hold my water, I don’t know why but I trusted him…which was a very stupid thing to do.  

I got back and we went out the front and talked some more, I suddenly got dizzy and Kyle “the hero” caught...
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