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Many authors and directors write about the things they are passionate about, have knowledge and experience in or have a fundamental issue they want to raise. The purpose of this inquiry is to answer the question, does living in significant settings, time periods or personal experiences of the authors influence and/or develop their work? This report will go on to examine whether the following authors work was influenced and/or developed by them growing up in a significant setting or time period. The chosen authors are Larry Watson, George Orwell, Kurt Vonegut, J.G Ballard and director …….. From these authors I chose to study the five texts, Montana 1948, By Larry Watson, 1948, By George Orwell, Slughter House Five, By Kurt Vonegut, Empire Of The Sun, By J.G Ballard and the visual text Rendition directed by ………. Evidence from these texts will be used to process information by way of three questions. How did the time period the author was born and grew up in influence or have an affect on their writing? How does the location the author was born and lived in have an effect on their writing? How does the writers personal life and experiences have an effect on their writing? These three questions are formulated to give a comprehensive understanding of the authors and the effects of personal experience on their writing.

Text-One, Montana 1949, By Larry Watson.

Question one- How does the writers personal life and experiences have an effect on their writing?

The novel Montana 1948, By Larry Watson is about the horrific events that consumed the summer of 1948 in Bentrock, Montana. The events are seen through the viewpoint of a 12 year old boy, David, now 52.Who is looking back 40 years in the past to try understand how and why his life ended shaped the way it is. The events of that cataclysmic summer permanently alter twelve-year-old David's understanding of his family, his father, a small-town sheriff. His remarkably strong mother, the Hayden's...
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