I Was Lucky to Be Alive

Topics: Automobile, The Stranger, Warriors / Pages: 6 (1288 words) / Published: Feb 18th, 2011
I was lucky to be alive.That was the first thing that struck me when I stirred and started to regain my consciousness.The realization that I am indeed alive was wondrous.My entire being was bursting with happiness and deep relief.A swarm of worried looking faces swirled around me as I dared to open my eyes to steal a glance of where I am.My head was throbbing in pain as I feel the weight of the bandage crushing on my head.I tried to get myself up but apparently it was impossible.Mum was sobbing and crying in agony.I wondered why.And then I screamed when all of my memories came flooding back in a flash.

It was just like any other typical day.Or so I thought.I made my way to the office as usual.I continued working until late night.I glanced at my intricately designed watch and saw that it was a quarter to one in the morning already.I stifled a yawn as I made my way to my car through a dark and deserted alleyway.I heard someone's footsteps matching mine.I felt queasy and uneasy as wariness made its way to my heart.All of my senses was alerted at once.Absentmindedly,I tried to reassure myself that nothing was wrong and perhaps it was just me imagining things.I quickened my pace and to my utmost horror,the footsteps behind me became more irregular and rushed as if the person behind was trying to catch up with me.

I quickly got myself into the car in a swift movement and locked the door.My hands were trembling with fear and drenched in sweat as I fumbled for the car keys.From the rear-view mirror I saw the stranger catching us.I ignited the car engine and sped away.As I drove my car on the highway,I caught sight of a black Porsche tailing me.I slammed on the pedal as hard as I could as I was more determined than ever to get rid of that stranger.I knew straightaway that his intentions could not be pure.My mind reeled as I contemplated on a sudden twist of a series of events.How is this even possible?I am merely nothing but just a young lady trying to make a living.

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