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Topics: Seaside resort, Computer science, Indian reservation Pages: 5 (992 words) Published: September 10, 2013
De La Salle University-Dasmariñas
College of Science
Dasmariñas, Cavite

Seaside Cottages and Beach Resort Online Reservation System Development

An ACC/ACI Capstone Project

presented to
The Faculty of the Computer Studies Department
College of Science
De La Salle University-Dasmariñas

In partial fulfillment of the
requirements for the Degree of


Llenteng, John John
Israel, Aaron S.
Dualan, Johnvic H.

September 10, 2013



Seaside Cottages and Beach Resort started as hangout place near the shore made by Mr. Victor. As visitors started to drop by the hangout, Mr. Victor, the owner, decided construct a hut by the seashore. The hut also served as a space for rent. When a breakwater was established, the water started move back away from the shore and the land started to widen. Due to this event, Mr. Victor started to build more huts. While the visitors are using these huts for rent, Mr. Victor grabbed the opportunity to further expand his business. Since it’s near the sea, he made it as a resort. And from then on, it was known as Seaside Cottages and Beach Resort.

Leaving behind a normal life, Mr. Victor ventured further to the business realm. He thought about how to effectively handle visitors who stopped by. Mr. Victor tried to ask for businessmen on how to implement a check-in/check-out style of system. By hearing the opinions from the friends in the business fields, he started to gather simple materials such as log books, and registrations sheets and calculators, as a means of tracking the time of when the visitors will check-in and out of the so-called resort.

Using only the log book as a means of storing information about the customers, it was, at first, hard but as time goes by, the processes of the implemented manual system became more easier with the use of modern equipment such as whiteboards and markers. Recently, seeing e-commerce as a viable replacement to their old system, they wanted a new and improved online system that can hold the information of the customers. This is where we come in and give them an online system as a base of the system that they need.


Based on the research that we’ve conducted, the main problems of the client are the manual reservation that they use and the manual billing and computations. We found them using whiteboards for reserving slots on rooms including the extra features of the resort like function halls and pavilions. Due to this state, the caretakers are having a hard time to keep track of the customer’s time slots. As for the manual billing and calculations, we have observed that they only use paper as a receipt. Written on the paper are the rooms and shades that they used and other fees.

While the workers are already used to this method, they often forget and miscalculate the time and the receipt. More often than not, their computations vary from the actual amount because some reservations were miswritten. They have no means to track the time slots of the reservation other than the whiteboard. This will pose a grave problem if not solved immediately.

One of the possible solutions that we’ve come up is to have an automated reservation system. This will help the workers to manage future customers easily. It will guarantee the customers that the slots that they have reserved will be ready and acquired easily. Every record of each customer’s reservation will be stored to the database. This will help the administrator to monitor the schedule and prepare the ordered rooms and other features.

While there are other possible solutions, we believe that this is the most effective and efficient to use, especially on this resort. Seaside Cottages and Beach Resort will be ensured that their problems will be solved if they implement an automated system because not only that it has accurate calculations, but it is also easy to...
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