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I Was Helping My Mother When Suddenly...

By fareezwanahmad Sep 15, 2013 702 Words
I was helping my mother in the kitchen when suddenly an ear-piercing sound struck from above.I dashed to the upper floor to check out what was happened. ‘Oh god.What is this?’I wondered while pointing at a footprint. I knew something weird was happened.The footprint was familiar.I ignored it.Instead,to make my mother calm,I said that was nothing occurred as she is suffering from cardio-illness,a common disease suffered by the Malaysian.

‘What’s happening?’ my mother asked me.’Nothing,just the sound of lightning.We better close the windows.Maybe rain will pour down,’ I showed a relaxing expression as there was nothing happened,relax.. not at all.I thought back about the footprint.That footprint was so familiar,but I seem could not remember where I found that.

‘David,can you help me to take the cooking pot in the attic?’my mother requested.’Oh,please!I am afraid of the dark.’I said. My mother then mumbled and said that I was like my late father,an achluophobia man.Oh,you want to know what was happened to my father?Actually,he was an engineer,to be specific,engineer in oil derrick.Last month,he went to the oil platform in the middle of the sea at Jertih,Terengganu. He said he went there for only 4 days,but he still not went back after 2 weeks.My mother called the management office in Jertih.They said that he was gone while in his way to the seashore. ‘I missed your father,David’my mother said to me.

Back to the main point.I investigated the footprint in my room.And I looked up,the window was opened.I walked towards it,scouted outside.There was nothing there.I closed the window and laid down onto my bed. ‘Ouch!What is this?’I asked myself.

There was a small box on my bed.I wondered what was inside it.I opened the brown box.There was a necklace,made up of pure gold.Why there was a gold necklace in my room? Suddenly,my room became dark.

‘No!Not this time!Argghh!’I expressed my dissatisfaction. I ran to my mother’s room.My terrible fear towards the darkness was to the limit,especially when it happened all of a sudden.I hid under my mother’s blanket. ‘David!Why are you being like this?There’s nothing to be afraid of,’My mother quipped me. Suddenly,my house bell rang.My mother asked me to open the door to check out who is coming.To be a good son,I braved myself to open the door.I paced to the door and opened it.The creaking sound of the door enhanced my fear up.I was already trepidated.I looked up and I could see an apparition of a tall creature.It was so dark that I could not see it clearly. ‘Damn!What is this?’I whispered.

I grabbed a torchlight to see what was the object in front of my house door.I Found out that was the man I knew, Mr.David Chelshire.He was my father! I was flabbergasted. ‘Is this a dream?’I asked myself.

I was confused.My father was believed to be gone on his way to the seashore from the oil platform last month. ‘This is me,David!This is me!’He said.
I shouted and called my mum down.She was shocked and nearly fainted when she saw my father. ‘Actually,I planned this thing with the workers in the management office.I knew that your mother would call them.And my plan to be back in our Anniversary Day Became true.’He added. He asked me to take the gold necklace he left in my room.I took the necklace and gave to him.Then,he gave to my mum. ‘Happy Anniversary Day,my dear!’my father said to my mother. My mother cried.

Now,all mysteries solved.That was the reality.About the footprint,it was the footprint of a pair of shoes I bought for my father for his birthday.And believe me,it was the sweetest Anniversary Day for them,perhaps.

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