I Want A Wife

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I Want a Wife (1971)
In Judy Brady's essay, "I Want a Wife", she wrote a list of responsibilities for the role of exemplary wives in the 1970's. The overall purpose of this article is to show the reader how the husband truly thought of how wives should act. Although Brady declared that she is a wife, she switched the roles where she is the husband for the article. She listed countless expectations that what a husband wants from a typical wife. These expectations were listed out in several paragraph. Brady claimed that wives should not be classified as a tool but a person to their husbands, and wives should get respects from them.

The reason why Judy Brady wrote this article is after she came across with her male friend "on the scene fresh from a recent divorce", so it inspired her to write this article. Brady kept using and emphasizing the quote of "I want a wife" before every example, it showed that she wanted to let the world know that she was fed up with everything, and showed men how ridiculous their behavior and expectation for most wives was. It made the audience realize how unrealistic that wives should fulfill the entire list that she wrote of expectation from husbands. Also, the reader can feel that the husband that she depicted was a very lazy, unrespectable, and also an irresponsible person for handing over all the responsibilities to her. On the other hand, not all families would be the same case as Brady, but in other cases there are also a lot of wives who get respect from their husbands.
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