I Want a Daughter

Topics: Sociology, Personal life, Meaning of life Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: December 13, 2012
“On Want of Money”

Money makes the world go round. A saying that is often used to emphasize the importance of money. It is a factor in modern society's ability to function. William Hazlett describes the effect of money on life in “On Want of Money,” Hazlett states his stance on how valuable money is. Hazlett believes that money is “literally and truly” needed in life. People go through drastic measures in life because they want money. The audience is able to understand and reevaluate the importance of money in their lives. Hazlett use of restatement helps to reinforce his purpose to have the audience rethink the importance of money in their lives. “In the world without money...” “It is to live out of the world.” Hazlett comes up with many ways to say what life without money is like. Money buys many things and because of money one “lives” in this world. Money helps keep a person in existence. Furthermore, Hazlett’s use of syntax helps further develop money’s importance in society. “the Fine Arts; with all your pains, anxiety,” the use of commas and semicolons allows Hazlett to add more situations that one goes through because of money. This is meant to allow the audience to rethink about their daily situations and realize that money plays an important part of their lives. It elevates its value and its importance on society. In addition, through the use of example, Hazlett is able to expand the importance of money in society. “ Or to marry your landlady, or not the person you would wish,” demonstrates how money can affect happiness. There is a choice that one must make to be happy or have money. Many people choose money and end up miserable because they choose to make their wallets happy, not their lives, or their hearts.

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