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I want to live

By ckisk2525 Apr 29, 2014 801 Words
 Abortion is a word heard around the world. Do people know what it actually means? Abortion is a procedure to take out the embryo so that it does not turn into a fetus. Which is okay, but what really is disturbing is Partial-birth abortion which is a procedure where it is a fetus already and the medical surgeon kills the fetus and then takes it out. That sounds a lot like murder, which is illegal. Partial-birth abortion should only be used under certain circumstances for it to be legal. Indeed abortion is okay, but Partial-birth abortion is murder. Partial-birth abortion should only be used in certain circumstances. Those certain circumstances are if a woman is raped, or could die from having a baby. When a woman or man is raped they don’t want to remember that night. Imagine if a woman is raped and ends up getting pregnant, if that’s not a memory, what is? Furthermore, if a mother has the potential of dying from having the baby she should have the right to abort it. Some people say abortion is wrong all around, have they really thought about it? Teenagers now-a-days are getting pregnant a lot more than back in the 70’s. Think about it, teenagers are not responsible enough to take care of another person if they can barely take care of themselves. People say just put it up for adoption, but yet when someone has the baby in their arms, they want to keep it. It is harder to give up a beautiful person than an embryo. One procedure is called D&X, which is a partial-birth abortion. It is a very horrible procedure. The abortion practitioner uses instruments to reach into the uterus, grab the fetus’ feet, and pull the feet down into the cervix. That is done to actually avoid birthing the baby, or else it would “legally” be considered murder. The fetus is then pulled down the birth canal until it has been entirely birthed except the head. The practitioner then uses surgical scissors and forces it into the base of the fetal skull while the fetus is lodged in the birth canal. The practitioner can’t see what he/she is doing so this is very risky and could result in maternal injury from laceration of the uterus or cervix. Which could result in severe bleeding and the threat of shock or even maternal death. A vacuum tube is then introduced into the hole in the base of the skull and the fetus’ brains are removed through aspiration. The baby is then born dead. No anesthesia is used even though the fetus is capable of feeling pain because studies have shown that the ability to feel pain begins early in the second trimester. This procedure is performed usually between 20 and 24 weeks which is the second trimester. People who perform D&X have said that the procedure was rarely performed and only used in extreme cases. That doesn’t sound believable at all. One facility admitted to performing 1,500 these procedures which were done to healthy mothers with normal fetuses. Now, that sounds more believable, but does that seem right at all? Dayton, Ohio, Physician Martin Haskell, MD, who performed more than 700 partial-birth abortion is said that “probably 20% are for genetic reasons, and the other 80% are purely elective” (Deem 117). Not only is this procedure horrible, it also takes several days and the cervix must be dilated, therefore this cannot be used in emergency situations. Drs. M. Leroy Sprang and Mark G. Neerhof say that “Intact D&X should not be performed because it is needlessly risky, inhumane, and ethically unacceptable. This procedure is closer to infanticide (a person who murders an infant) than it is to abortion” (Deem 117). Roe V. Wade was made in 1973. It is a Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. This is how it got started. A woman claimed she was raped and got pregnant from it, and sued a Texas district attorney to stop him from enforcing a Texas law banning abortion except to save the mother’s life. Roe V. Wade then said that a state may not restrict abortion at all in the first trimester (three months). It may establish guidelines to protect the mother’s health during the second trimester. After “viability,” 24 to 28 weeks, the state may prohibit abortion unless it is deemed necessary to save the mother’s life or health. This sounds like a very reasonable law that covers everything necessary.

The meaning of abortion means more now knowing the actual definition. Abortion within the first trimester is okay because it is an embryo, but partial-birth abortion should be illegal because it is basically just like murder. A baby is a precious life that should not be killed for selfish reasons.

By: Carly Kisker

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