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I have given interview at BAC_TA; I was very good at in & BAC management has decided hire me for the position of “operation manager”. This is big opportunity for me to shine & deliver to maintain my position. After I have joined BAC_TA; I realized that I have 10 people working for me. They are: 1) Md. Imazuddin kowshik

2) Md. mostifa Kamal
3) Imrana Shahrin
4) Tarun sikdar
5) Riyad Ahamad
6) Nasrin Akter
7) Md. Imtiaz Ahamad
8) Md. Mosiur rahaman
9) Rabeya Begum
10) Richard Shourave sunnyTo train & lead them I could to find out what type of learners they are is given bellow: | Learners name| Learners Type|
1| Md. Imazuddin kowshikRabeya Begum | Visual|
2| Imrana ShahrinMd. Mosiur rahaman | Auditory|
3| Md. mostifa KamalRiyad Ahamad| Kinaesthetic|
4| RichardShourave sunnyTarun sikdar| Gustatory|
5| Nasrin AkterMd. Imtiaz Ahamad| olfactory|

Communicating systems with my team
For Visual Learners
I prefer using images, pictures, colors, and maps to organize information and communicate with visual learner. Visual learner can easily visualize objects, plans and outcomes in their mind's eye. They also have a good spatial sense, which gives them a good sense of direction. they can easily find their way around using maps, and they rarely get lost For Auditory Learners

Auditory learners learn best by listening and communicating with others. Auditory learners do well with lectures. They often express themselves best through written and oral means of communication. This group usually contains good communicators. These learners like a quiet room. They do best when working on one task at a time. They can be distracted easily by noise. So my communication system with them is “the student sits and listens to the teacher” in a quiet environment For Kinaesthetic Learners

A few others are dominating in feeling (Kinesthetic). A feeler learns best when they have hands on. Many times, a person that is kinesthetic will fiddle with things, like their hair, they twirl their pencil, they are just touching everything. So when I communicate kinesthetic people, I should go consideration matter step by step & talking slowly For Gustatory Learners

This learner’s type wants to test their tongue or sense. They can easily understanding everything. So I communicate system with this type of learner is “the student sits and listens to the teacher”. For olfactory Learners

This type of learner can easily understanding by nose or sense. So when I communicate with this learner I should give them proper concept about discussion matter.

Communication Style With My Team
I communicate with my team various style. Like
1) “Spirited” Communication Style
2) “considerate” Communication Style
3) “Systematic” Communication Style
4) “Direct” Communication Style
“Spirited” Communication Style
* Spirited people are enthusiastic and friendly. I can prefer to be around other people and thrive in the spotlight. * Shape the environment by influencing or persuading others. * Motivation: Social recognition, disproval, loss of influence, being ignored. * They are able to generate motivation and excitement in others because of they are positively focused and lively nature. * Spirited people work at fast pace because they are prefer stimulation, and are well suited to high-profile positions in which public presentations are important.

“Systematic” Communication Style
* Considerate people value warm, personal relationships.
* They have good counseling skills, and others come to them because they are a good listener. * They are reliable and steady, and they always aware of others’ feelings. * They work best in a environment in which team is essential. * Cooperate with others within existing circumstance to carry out the task. * Displays: patience, team player, calm approach, good listener, humility....
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