I think too much

Topics: Psychology, 2007 singles, Mind Pages: 2 (287 words) Published: October 27, 2014
I think too much, I speak too often;
I ought to think before I speak,
I ought to shut my mouth and think,
But still, the spews of venom fall out,
Oh hateful tongue,
You loathsome whore,
Begging for action, paying for attention
Oh betraying mouth,
Entering into affairs right as you are cast out,
Oh angry mind, oh awful mind,
Why do you leave and find absence in my time of need?
Cheating heart, playful heart,
Why must you make me a fool?
Use me as a tool,
Then spit me out like drool,
I think too much, I speak too often;
I'm done with my lies,
I'm done with goodbyes,
I'm sick of this pain,
I'm tired of this game,
I think I hate myself,
I think this world hates me too,
I think I think I think too much,
I speak too loud, I say too much,
I speak so loud I drown out the shit!
I drown out your shit, their shit, my shit!!!
I drown out all this shit, all this shh..
I think too much, I speak to often;
Sometimes, I stare at the ceiling,
My heart and brain and soul reeling,
I'm caught in a vortex of emotion,
And it seems- and it seems to me,
That life, that words, that company, is the only escape,
But yet in life I misuse my mind, I betray my mouth, and to my tongue I become a whore, But worst of all, I cheat and play my heart,
I wish I could take all this back,
But deep down I know, I've found to be true,
I think too much, I speak too often..
And that's why, that's why I've lost you.....
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