I think continuallythink continually of those

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I think continually.........
think continually of those who were truly great.
Who remember the essence of the past from birth
Through life's paths of endless light,
Endless and thoughtful. Whose lovely ambition
Was that they are fearless in all they say,
Should show that their spirits continue on.
And who stored hope in the arrival of spring
Their desires were abundant.

The precious things should never be forgotten
The delight of life, coming from ageless springs
Breaks through in the world within our minds first;
Don't take for granted the simplicity of morning light,
Nor the ability to show love in the evening;
Do not allow outside worries to cover you
With blinders that depress the spirit.

Near the snow, near then, in the highest fields Great ones are celebrated by the waving grass, And by the flow of the clouds in the ski,
And the sounds of the wind;
They who fought for life and beliefs,
Who subjected their hearts to ridicule.
Born great and strong, they created change,
And left their marks on the world with honor.
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